Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro dies at 90

HAVANA: Guerrilla revolutionary and communist idol, Fidel Castro was a holdout against history who turned tiny Cuba into a thorn in the paw of the mighty capitalist United States. The former Cuban president, who died aged 90 on Friday, said he would never retire from politics. But emergency intestinal surgery in July

Restriction on Aazan

By Shahid Ghuman Israeli tampering with the issue of the call to prayer in the mosques of Jerusalem and the Palestinian towns inside Israel brings to mind the suffering of Muslims in Andalusia after the fall of the state, there are five centuries ago. When they were closed mosques humiliated and

Trump’s Racial Time Machine

Chris Lebron On Election Day, while Americans were at the polls putting democracy to work, a black graduate student came to my university office to talk about race and time travel. This young man grew up in a fairly disadvantaged neighborhood, in a fairly disadvantaging city, in a very disadvantaging nation

Putin Meet for the Last Time

Anticipating Hillary Clinton’s presidency, Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to spoil his final chance with Barack Obama. By Vladimir Frolov Russian President Vladimir Putin heads to the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, on Sept. 4 to lock in his geopolitical gains in a private meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama before the clock