Ajeeb Dastan: Jimmy Khan’s ode to Lata

1KARACHI: Fresh of his stint on the seventh season of Coke Studio, singer Jimmy Khan has released a new cover song — an acoustic-pop rendition of Bollywood classic Ajeeb Dastaan. The song also features the vocal talents of another Coke Studio artist, Rahma Ali.
Despite being a cover track, the song is able to keep a modicum of the retro sound and undertones of pop that was a trademark in some of Khan’s previous releases, such as the popular Nadya. While fashioning his cover version of Ajeeb Dastaan, Khan has managed to retain his signature sound while creating a more live and vibrant version of the Lata Mangeshkar classic.
Ajeeb Dastaan, which featured on the soundtrack for the 1960 Bollywood film Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai, is remembered as one of Mangeshkar’s most famous songs. However, despite becoming an iconic song it does not display the vocal range and diversity in style Mangeshkar was renowned for. This was a major reason why Jimmy Khan seems to have adapted well to the song as it provides him with the opportunity to stay in his comfort zone and not push his limits as a singer.
Khan’s vocals on this track bear a strong resemblance to his previous rendition of his own song Nadya on Coke Studio and as a musician he would be better served by breaking out of his shell and experimenting more with his style of music and singing.
An area where the song manages to impress is with the addition of Rahma Ali, as not only does it make the song more vibrant, her lively and melodious vocals seem to compliment Khan’s rusty and, to an extent, soulful singing voice. This duet is guaranteed to get enough airplay to become a staple in the adult contemporary genre of Pakistani music.
During a season when the only thought that seems to cross the minds of the audiences is the Cricket World Cup, Ajeeb Dastaan is the perfect bittersweet ballad which will allow listeners to relax after a tiring and exhausting day at the office.

Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman
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