Restriction on Aazan


By Shahid Ghuman

Israeli tampering with the issue of the call to prayer in the mosques of Jerusalem and the Palestinian towns inside Israel brings to mind the suffering of Muslims in Andalusia after the fall of the state, there are five centuries ago. When they were closed mosques humiliated and forced to change their names and their garments also banned circumcised and were forced to baptize their children, and so the cancellation and ablation procedures, which ended Btejeaarham between Christianization, murder and expulsion out of the country. Options which are still shown on the Palestinians now under various names. It has become a substitute for the Christianization of Judaization, expulsion his supporters who claim to what they call a «transfer» as well as it is through the elimination of residences in Jerusalem and the demolition of homes in the Negev. The murder Fbabh wide open as it violated the blood of the Palestinians at checkpoints and compete rabbis justify the killings and to encourage it.
Relapsed after the call for the establishment of two states and returned there the impact of the idea of a single state, became the effort now aimed at uprooting the Palestinians to perpetuate the idea that the Jewish state cleansed of the «third parties» and became a homeland for the Jews and not others. It isknown that the decision to ban software for not disturb the Jews approved by theministerial committee for legislation was years in the beginning, so that thereunification of Jerusalem and the Palestinian towns in the interior, especially the coastal cities (Acre, Haifa, Lod and Ramle and Jaffa), except that the duration of the ban is still under debate, and is supposed to be resolved in discussions Knesset.
scene worthy of note and read from the four corners. On the one hand reflects the decision over the boldness to act by the Israeli right -wing forces, which are no longer hesitate toconquer the Palestinians and repression invarious ways so that there is no end to thedisregard and orgies are no longer there arered lines intercepted. On
the other hand , we should note thecontribution of abandonment and weakness camp Arab world to encourage the Israelis to persist in boldness and orgies. So that those who committed step and the like are well aware that they are exercising their games in an open and paved yard. And the crowd ,which was driven by pride and explode the harbingers of anger, either silenced or suppressed they stunned and deformation ofconsciousness. Vankvot on themselves andno longer care about what happens beyond the borders of diameters.
When dawn of the scene from the Palestinian angle and the third Mlaahth’ll see aside dimmed the power lurking stand in Ramallah, crippling the bond of security coordination with Israel, in which the pro – government over what it reluctance does not ask for theresistance. But we will see face shining and bright is the position of the churches that haveadopted the call to prayer in defiance of the Israeli violence, as exemplified in thepreparedness of the Palestinian youth for anew uprising recorded the protest, anger and rejection of the Israeli encroachment.
From the fourth hand , we can not ignore thesignificance of synchronization between thegrowing Israeli orgy and the election ofPresident new American who Zayed everyone in bias to Israel. If there is doubt about the link between the Israeli decision and the outcome of the US presidential election. But we can not ignore the fact that the evolution in Washington represents a component of afavorable and encouraging any Israeli orgy in Palestine. I do not know whether the Arab League ‘sposition , which was worth a mention or not, because the Deputy Secretary – General of theLeague merely issued a statement denouncing the Israeli decision and considered it aprovocation dangerous and unacceptable escalation, saying that the eloquence of thestatement and the severity of boos are extremely owned by the university and what it ‘s not worth a meeting or consultation between the Member States. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has adopted a similar position and compete in the eloquence of theArab League and the severity of the statement of condemnation and censure. Which justifies me to say that if that is what is very owned mouthpiece of the Arab and Muslim world institutions, it means that there is a green light for Israel to continue the orgy is completely reassuring that it will emerge from itsadventure in peace and security.
Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman is versatile journalist. He have 20 years experience in journalism. Shahid Ghuman is not only journalists but also anchor and host of various television programs. He is Editor of CNN POINT.