Khaoula Benziane carries the message of art to the program “Queen”

By Shahid Ghuman CNN POINT

KhaolaKhaoula Benziane, the daughter of the East Capital, Abt, but to participate and represent the Kingdom of Morocco in the competition of the program “Queen” and all aspire to the title of the crown of social responsibility.
The young artist Khaoula Benziane, who has since been a young artist, has been a part of the Andalusian and Granatian troupes. They are an integral part of the history of a witness to the glories of Arabs and Moroccans, especially Andalusia. She is a distinguished vocalist, a skilled violinist. She participated in many national events. Represented in international festivals and gatherings, she was well-known as the Ambassador of Granat Tarab. Other than that, the artist Benzian founded in 2013 the Oujda Millennium Association for Culture and Development, director of the Garan Festival and one culture,

Through her participation in the Queen program, she hopes to realize the dream of creating a multi-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary cultural space for women. This space is an area of training, creativity, awareness and support for creative initiatives and advocacy for women’s issues, especially in a fragile and poverty-stricken situation. Her belief that “art carries a humanitarian message across the border and the University of the people is a message emanating from the heart will certainly reach the hearts of viewers and supervisors of the program of the Queen of Social Responsibility”
Khaoula Benzian, in addition to her artistic interests, does not hesitate to participate in various solidarity and development initiatives, such as participating in medical convoys for needy groups in marginal, fragile and poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman
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