Festival of Elegancy and Creativity in Oujda (Marocco)

By Sarah Saoudi CNN POINT

Fathia Boudali President of association Jamal Abdssamad Kerrakchou Festival President Nadia Sardaoui Artist Director Sarah Saoudi Journalist

The city of Oujda is one of the cities of the Kingdom of Morocco distinguished capital of the East, the largest known for the year, is the festival of elegance and artistic creativity in its first session and under the slogan of innovation in the service of development on 26/27/28/29 april 2017.
It was organized by the Association of Oriental Colors for Culture and Development, which was attended by a number of local and national media. The audience included artists Rachid Brayah, Rami Lapash, Sy Mehdi and chab Arab. An editorial speech was given by the Media Advisor, the President of the Industry Chamber and the President of the Organization, in which she expressed the integration of the Association in the artistic and creative development of the Organization. The artistic director, who is deeply appreciative of the expatriate community, expressed her thanks to the organizers of this festival and facilitated the authorities to download it, highlighting the program of the festival which extends over four days.

The second day was the university compound known to the technological pole on Thursday, April 27, 2017 organized by the Eastern Colors Association for Culture and Development in partnership with the University of Mohammed I in the framework of the Festival of elegance and creativity.

Topic addressed discussion local cultural heritage as the forgotten scientific session witnessed many interventions by university doctors from the Faculty of Arts in Oujda. The director of the festival, Gamal Abdul Samad Karakshu welcomed the audience and praised the academic work and effective work of the origin of the University of Muhammad I in terms of enlightening the public opinion of his forgotten heritage. Mohammed Yogel thanked the Association Organization for his speech this opportunity to revive the forgotten heritage of its region, Mohamed I Belkacem Jattari the subject of archaeological research, considering it a stigma to revive the history of the non-material area, considering that the eastern region has seen the passage of many civilizations such as the Assyrian Mestrian Aborussian, on her land, moving towards the relationship of this subject and the festival, That in these area looking for the means of beauty and creativity after it has been many cosmetic means discovering. The second intervention was for the Doctor of Linguistics Hassan Ahsain and my father to address the importance of preservation of culture and collective memory of traditions and rituals, highlighting that this part touches the rich art of cuisine in the region with its symbolism first and not on its material side in the presence of distinguished guests of honor, including Tabassum Saleem Madame Elegant France International 2017 expressed her pleasure in participating in the first edition of the festival and expressed her happiness at this first visit to Morocco and her admiration for the distinguished organization and the arbitrator of the parties responsible for the event. She’s attend this Festival with her official fashion designer Fatma Mnafek.

On the evening of Friday, April 28, 2017 at the Arts Hall at the Mohammed VI Theater in Boujdah, we joined a fashion show for the Moroccan Capitan and the traditional costumes of ten designers from inside and outside the Kingdom. It was presented by Ibtisam Zarrouk she’s journalist and good friend of Tabassum and also intermediate of this festival and Nahad Sanhaji with 50 exhibitors and exhibitors. Chairman of the Chamber of Handicraft in the East Idriss Boujawala, Regional Director of Culture and Communication Omar Abbou, distinguished artists and collectives. The Chairman of the Regional Chamber of Traditional Industry of the East held a dinner in honor of the audience.

The fourth day, the last of which was the curtain on the evening of Saturday, April 29, 2017 and a great ceremony witnessed by the theater Mohammed VI Bojdah, revived the brightest stars singing, Kershid Beriah, Rami Lapash, Hayat Lakshary and Julia Weons Gharib and artists Kamal Taliani and Fatah al-Misnawi.

The evening was marked by the head of the local choir and Jeddah TV, headed by Tariq al-Raad, as the best exhibitor and exhibitor of the previous fashion show was crowned on Friday, 28 April 2017. The faces were also honored in the artistic and media arena.

It is noteworthy that the festival was extended for 4 days with various activities such as the press conference for the artistic and creative development and the scientific symposium that discussed the forgotten local heritage and how to revive it, and a fashion show for 10 designers from different parts of the Kingdom and finally the revival of a ceremony.

For Tabassum its a beautifil trip and she thanks to Ibtissam Zarrouk intermediate
of this festival, Fatiha Boudali and Nabil Mode who was her sponsor and local
fashion designer, the responsible, organizers and members of this event,
Her make up artist Rehab La and SoùFiane Chetouani her hair dresser.

The singer, actors and comedians, The all models, The local Marocan media, press and photographers, The article  by Sarah Saoudi


Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman
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