Zayn goes clean shave, finds himself a doppelganger and it’s breaking the internet!

zaynnIf you ever happen to see ex-One Directioner Zayn Malik, it is likely that he will be found with one of the two things. His lady love, Gigi Hadid or his usual beard.

However, this week, the Pillowtalk hitmaker was seen sans his trademark facial hair.

Apparently, underneath his beard lies a familiar baby face and jawline that bears an uncanny resemblance to one famous actor — a young Antonio Banderas. Just check out it out:

This isn’t Malik’s first time to rid his jawline of his scruff, but we think it’s the long, ruffled hair and dark features that remind us of Banderas with his look from The Mambo Kings, Philadelphia, and Interview with the Vampire days.

zayn-1494582991Plus, a haircut has brought two stars together before — more than once. Malik and his clean-shaven appearance has been compared to many famous men in the past.

One Twitter user pointed out that the singer looked like the spitting image of Colin Farrell.

Anyhow, we like Zayn’s this neat look. We hope you ponder regarding getting rid of those green locks any time as well, Z.

Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman is versatile journalist. He have 20 years experience in journalism. Shahid Ghuman is not only journalists but also anchor and host of various television programs. He is Editor of CNN POINT.