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“Elaf” from Beirut: UAE designer Mona Al Mansouri honored in Madrid with 30 artists and masters around the world. She said in private that the honor she received was a new achievement for the fashion in the UAE, saying that she was honored among 30 artists from many countries around the world. “The award came with artists from India, Latin America, the United States, Australia, Germany and Spain,” she said.

She added: “The honor was not about who is the best, but about the role played by each artist in his community and the messages he was sending through his work.”
She explained that what they adopted to honor them was their vision as a veiled woman who delivers messages to the world, expressing her great happiness for this event, which added to the art and fashion in her country the UAE and in the Arab world.
And revealed that the honor was in the capital Madrid, specifically in the “Westin Palace” and the presence of politicians and members of the community and stars of art and information, noting that the presenter was the famous Spanish broadcaster Augustine Bravo.
Al Mansouri has become the first Arab designer to receive such honors and is the first Arab designer to be honored in Spain.

Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman
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