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A young, elegant, educated and spontaneous young woman.. she proved her presence in a short period of time by appearing to the audience through a series of programs that she presented on the Yalla Fan television and Yalla Fan radio in America, where she proved her efficiency and sought to be unique in her role. She is an ambitious person with a special presence. “CNN POINT” met Ebtisam Khanafer, who spoke about her media experience.
Why did you choose the Media Career?
I did not think of any profession or study other than media, and I started to think about the profession I wanted to practice at a young age. I grew up with my interest in the late journalist Riad Sharara, and my father encouraged me to read the newspapers and to keep up with the news. All I knew was that I love the work that is far from being monotonous and requires continuous interaction with people. In addition, I gained a little experience in journalism when used to publish the school magazine, which convinced me that this was the job I wanted.
How do you rate your career from its beginning to this date?
It is difficult for a person to evaluate himself but it is good to always look for the best. Experiences help us gain expertise and today I am a result of accumulated experiences and until this day I am still learning from my experiences and the experiences of others.
What is the closest to your heart TV, radio or writing?
I like radio and I like to feel people’s reaction. For me, radio work is like theater work, theatrical work helps people have patience, calmness of nerves, big minds and impulse. Today, it is a big challenge to present topics that all the listeners from different age groups and nationalities can benefit from, and to be able to follow their comments especially in the presence of many social networking sites, the adaptation of new technologies, in addition to Facebook Live and other WebSites, but it is still fun. Radio work does not diminish the importance of TV or writing, which I love, I studied journalism and journalism is a passion in all of its branches.
As a Lebanese American, do you feel that you are as famous in Lebanon, your country, as you are in America?
My goal is to get to the stage that I want, which is to be noticed and to leave a mark of my own. I do not care about fame, nor do I care about people knowing me and pointing fingers. What I care about is for people to say that I did something good.
What prompted you to immigrate to America?
Many circumstances led to my immigration, such as the political situation, safety, the economic situation, and the fact that most of my family members live in America.
How do you see the situation in Lebanon?
At this point there is no longer a safe place in the world, but the situation in Lebanon is affected more than others, I hope it will be fine.
I would like to tell everyone and the Lebanese people to live with each other in peace, and that each person should respect the other’s religion and his opinions, persuasion can not be done by force, and fanaticism is a disaster that we must move away from as it is a scourge.
How do you see the Arab World map?
What is happening in the Arab world is not revolutions, it is more of a collapse and killing of human beings for free, and the Arab States are going to the abyss and towards division and fragmentation.
Tell us about your radio work and your program?
My entry into the media field is not a coincidence but a result of a passion, study and training. My first radio experience in Lebanon was in several radio stations, including Radio Orient and the The Voice of Freedom radio.
As for my program, it is prepared and presented by me, and produced by Yalla Fan Productions owned by Joe Rasho. It is a daily program that includes many sections, as well as the broadcast of new songs and old songs, in addition to news, horoscopes and everything that is of interest to the community.
We also know that the Yalla Fan Productions is responsible for the Miss Iraq contest in America, what is your role in these competitions and parties?
Yalla Fan Productions is not just a music production company, but an integrated company with several branches, including Yalla Fan Radio, and events such as organizing a beauty contests( Miss Iraq in America, Miss Iraq Canada, Miss Iraq in the world, and Miss Assyria) also programs for new talents for the Arabs and Assyrians in America and Canada.
We know that appearance is not an important factor for a broadcaster, since the voice is the most important. However, you have a nice voice and a beautiful appearance, can your appearance help your radio work?
The beautiful appearance helps in everything in life, and my appearance might be a key but it pushed me to prove myself more, in order for me to force people to address my personality and thoughts and not my appearance; however, it is all together a very important factor. And by nature I love beauty and everything that is beautiful.
Although you know a foreign language, why did you choose to present your program in Arabic at a time where you could gain a big popularity among American listeners?
The language helps you understand the other and communicate with the other, but the Arabic language is a culture and not just a language.. I chose to present my program in Arabic to be able to get access to the Arabic community in America first, and all the Arabic countries second, in addition to the American citizen who is interested in the Arabic language, and who is trying to learn it and master it and depends on my program as a teaching tool.
You are Lebanese and your culture is different from the other Arabic communities listening to your program, how do you deal with them, and is your Lebanese dialect understandable to them?
truth Lebanon culture is different from the Arab communities but Lebanon is the center of mid-east all others understood and learn our dialog, the Lebanese dialect is understood by all the Arabic people because its simplicity …
Is there someone who has left an impact on your career?
There are many people, every person I worked with left an impact on my professional life, and their names are all engraved in my heart, but certainly the first ones are my father and my teachers.
With every step a man takes, his dreams grow, what does Ebtisam really aspire to today?
There is no giant step that brings you to what you want, but it takes a lot of small steps to get you to what you want; maybe I aspire to enter the political work, establishing an organization for heart disease patients (this subject is being studied and is under preparation).
How do you evaluate the journalism profession today, especially in the presence of those who violated the profession?
Journalism is a noble profession facing a lot of dangers, and the media in general is the mirror of societies and the interface of civilizations. Today, however, the profession of journalism has lost its past glamor, and the morality of some media workers is a disgrace to this profession.
There is a state of refraction in the media field, training is absent in many institutions, and the presence of a big number of websites and social networking sites has harmed the profession, despite the huge competition it has achieved, because most of those who join the profession of journalism have nothing to do with the profession. In the past, it used to be a craft for talents, but today it is just a job.
If you receive a special offer in Beirut, will you give up your American life for that offer?
I have received offers from Lebanon and some Arabic countries, but for the time being I do not know. I am trying to focus more on my work in America, and finishing my specialization and getting a doctorate in journalism.
Any last words
I would like to thank all the officials of cnn points and I hope I will always be in good thoughts. I would like to say to everyone who follows me, and I know that they are many by virtue of their contact with me through my Facebook page, I get prouder due to our communications and all the beautiful words of praise they send me, or through the many subjects we discuss and that hold me responsible for what I present and what I appear through.

Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman
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