Mona Mansouri leads a fashion war with Israel

By Shahid Ghuman Fashion Star.TV

Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev continues to circulate around the world, especially after the international designer in the United Arab Emirates, Mona Al Mansouri, revealed a scandal in a video clip on Facebook. The Israeli minister and designer Aviad Herman presented the “Peace and Jerusalem” dress, designed nine years ago and presented in Beirut at the Venice Hotel and returned by Raghda.
Mansouri said she was not surprised by the theft because the Israelis had stolen a full house. It is easy for them to steal the design of her dress, which symbolizes peace and interfaith dialogue, asserting that she reserves the right to respond to theft.

الوزيره الاسرائيليه لوزارة الثقافه ماري راجيف والمصمم الاسرائيلى افياد هيرمان سرقو فكرة تصميمي فستان السلام والقدس والذى صممته قبل تسعة اعوام وعرض في بيروت في فندق فنيسيا وارتدته الفنانه رغده وعرض على اغنية القدس لنا والغضب الساطع آتا لافاجئ بسيل من الاتصالات والمكالمات بان فكرة فستانى وتصميمى ترتديه وزيره اسرائيليه في مهرجان كان للسينما هم سرقو وطن بأكمله فمن السهل سرقة تصميم فستان الفرق اننى رمزت للسلام وحوار الاديان كلها وهم استخدموه بطريقه خبيثه اشكر كل من غار على تصميمي وتواصل معى احتفظ بحقى في الرد على هذه السرقه #القدس_لنا #القدس_تنتفض #القدس_حرة #القدس #سرقه#منى_المنصوري #مهرجان_كان#السعوديه #القوميه #اسرائيل_تحترق #اسرئيل

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The Israeli newspaper The Independent addressed this issue in a report entitled “The Israeli Minister of Culture Dressed Colonial Fury at the Cannes Film Festival,” noting that the Israeli Minister of Culture politicized the opening of the Cannes Film Festival 2017 by choosing a controversial dress.
On Wednesday night, a member of the far right wing and the ruling coalition led by Benjamin Netanyahu wore a long white print and gold bearing the image of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock and the Tower of David, and fired provocative statements.
“We are celebrating this year the 50th anniversary of the liberation and unification of Jerusalem,” Regev said, referring to the 1967 setback that Israel occupied east Jerusalem.
“I am proud to celebrate this historic event through art and fashion, and I am pleased that this work is being done by the Israeli designer Aviad Herman, who honors and highlights the beautiful state of our eternal capital, Jerusalem.”

Regev’s words and dress aroused anger and resentment in the Arab world. Not only that, but anger spread to the occupying state itself. Shira Pewer, a columnist for the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz, wrote a violent article entitled “Sneaky and opportunistic.”
“This was another scene from the colonial horror film,” Revere said. “We were part of the team against our nose.”
The uproar did not stop in the international press, but it spread to users of social networking sites. The responses ranged quickly from praise by supporters of the Jewish state or ridicule and criticism from all sides. Some of the browsers dubbed “dress of the year” dress is flooding from angry reactions to Israeli provocation and trying to steal history and land at the same time.
Others used Photoshop to give the dress a vision of what it represents in the eyes of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The changes included photoshop and soldiers from the Six Day War that celebrates the occupation of the Western Wall, scenes of death and destruction in the Gaza Strip and other forms of occupation. Israeli occupation of Jerusalem.

Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman
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