General program of the seventh session of festival jawhara

By Sara Saoudi

Jadida: Every year for seven years, the International Jawhara Festival brings together artists of Arab and Western music to the delight of the festival-goers who today counts by millions
Indeed the artistic program of the 7th edition is breathtaking with the stars of the song in all its splinters. A variety of shapes and styles: Modern, traditional, Chaabi, RAP, fusion and others
The public of the cities of ElJadia, Azemmour and BirJdid has an appointment, from 03 to 05 August 2017with the greatest stars of the song:

Scene of El jadida:
– Howaida Youssef
– Maxime
– H-Kayen
– Said Senhaji
– Japanese Kader
– Saida Charaf
Scene Azemmour:
– RajaeKassabni
– Rachid Soualmi
– Mourad Bouriqui
– Statia
– Abdellah Daoudi
– Samy Rai
BirJdid Scene:
– Mc Boow, Sound Trip and Zegro Band: Winners Jawhara Talents 2016
– Mouss Maher
– Lamia Zaidi
– Said Ouled Houat
– Sy Mehdi
– Adil Miloudi

Multiple activities are scheduled
Jawhara Môme: The square of the Sidi Bouzid Fountain is transformed throughout the festival into an air of children’s games. Every day, from 10 am to 6 pm, children can enjoy a multitude of activities such as shows, entertainment, games or inflatables.

On the program: clowns, puppets, magic, singing and dance competitions, a fashion show … Children will benefit from numerous caricature, painting, percussion, puppetry, make-up and disguising workshops.
Sports Competition: The JAWHARA International Festival is not only dedicated to art but also to sports with Jawhara skate park. This is an initiation and / or a skateboarding course for young people aged from 8 to 16 who have never skated before, giving them the basic knowledge: in balance, in position on the board, in Showing them how to fall well and where to look when they are on a board.
Parade: The street arts are brought together in a single artistic painting, which will take the public in a small Safari in the heart of the city. In a harmony of rhythms of the World, the parade will crisscross the main arteries of the city. On the program: giant puppets, acrobats, folk troupes, riders, fire-eaters, mascots … Dances and performances will be there.
Theater: Since the first edition, JAWHARA has been presenting local and national theater companies that animate the AFIFI Theater. Through a rich and quality programming, Jawhara Theater is declined in music, comedy, tragedy of yesterday and today …
Exhibition of painting: The city of El Jadida hosts artistic exhibitions of the artist MALIKA EL IRAKI

Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman
Shahid Ghuman is versatile journalist. He have 20 years experience in journalism. Shahid Ghuman is not only journalists but also anchor and host of various television programs. He is Editor of CNN POINT.