Bond Movie �Spectre� races against time

CNN-POINTThe 46 year old actor, Daniel Craig, has sprained his knee during a shooting scene which might inhibit the prospect of the movie getting released on time on October 23rd.

Daniel Craig was expected to be back on deck for the shooting of the film after recuperating from injury but it seems that his recovery might take longer than expected, as bosses have cancelled a planned stunt shooting in London.

After shooting the scenes in London, the crew was expected to move to Rome but by the looks of it, the delay in the recovery of the leading actor may force Metro-Golden Mayer studios to rethink their strategy and rebook the avenues until ‘Bond’ is fit to shoot.

Director Sam Mendes is now in a spot of bother as he faces a time crunch. The studios released a teaser, much to the delight of the fans eagerly awaiting the movie’s release.

The Bond movie, already faces chaos on shooting after a historic site has been refused in Rome on the account of possible damage to the architecture which has forced the studio to go back to storyboard for a change in venue.

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